Mission & Objectives

Reflet Salvéo promotes access of Francophones to quality health services in French .

Our vision

To eliminate the language barrier between Francophones and health services so that all, regardless of age, race, origin, sexual orientation, education, religion, socio-economic status and culture, have access to the quality services to which they are entitled, in French.

Our mission

To engage with the Francophone community in identifying health service needs and priorities, and propose effective recommendations to health system stakeholders regarding planning activities. Our aim is to increase access to and the quality of French-language health services.



Our mandate is to advise 3 GTA LHINS: Central West LHINS, Toronto centre LHINS et Mississauga Halton LHINS

Our values

  • Universal right to health
  • Respect of human rights for all
  • Integrity, Transparency & Accountability
  • Pride in the diversity of the Francophone community


Meet the need for health services in French across our three areas: Toronto Central, Mississauga Halton and Central West.

Promote the active offer of health services for the Francophone community.

Provide support to service providers in their efforts to develop health services in French.

Proactively engage and mobilize the Francophone community by working with local community groups, including service providers, health professionals, residents and consumers to promote and plan health services in French that meet their needs.

Make recommendations to the LHINs on:

  • Methods of engaging the Francophone community in the area ;

  • The health needs and priorities of the Francophone community in the area, including the needs and priorities of diverse groups within that community ;

  • The health services available to the Francophone community in the area ;

  • The identification and designation of health service providers ;

  • Strategies to improve availability, accessibility of and integration of French language health services ;

  • The planning for and integration of health services in the area.