Reflet Salvéo’s 2019-2022 Three-Year Strategic Plan

Reflet Salvéo’s 2019-2022 Three-Year Strategic Plan

Strategic Framework

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Our 2019-2022 three-year plan takes a patient-centred approach that reflects Reflet Salvéo’s commitment to our minority-language community as it seeks greater justice and equity. The Plan is in line with current government health strategies, including:

  • Bill 41, the Patients First Act, drafted by the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care
  • Excerpts from the mandate letter to the Minister of Francophone Affairs addressing Francophone health
  • The 2019-2022 Integrated Health Service Plans (IHSPs) of the three LHINs we advise

This plan will clarify our advisory role to the Toronto Central, Mississauga Halton, and Central-West LHINs as they work to improve health services for Francophones throughout the GTA.