Become a committed French that provides health and vitality of his/her community

The health sector interests you ? You want to get involved as a volunteer ?
Want to learn more about your community, or conversely, you know it well and want to participate in the development of health services in French ?
Reflet Salvéo offers various opportunities to get involved with the Francophone communities of its three areas. As a volunteer, you can grow and make a significant contribution to the Francophone community. You can also participate actively in various activities to promote the active offer of French language health services.
If you like a challenge and you want to develop your skills by taking part in the development of health services in French, come join our team !

« Volunteering is fundamental to a healthy, democratic society and everybody has the right and responsibility to contribute ». (unknown author, 2011, Volunteer Canada)

Your engagement will give you the opportunity to:

  • Acting as agent for promoting the Francophone community through various events (festivals, exhibitions, conferences, etc.) and social media;
  • Representing the Francophone community in the field of health
  • Being part of our team, as volunteer, and assume various responsibilities.
  • Make friends and create links within Francophone networks ;
  • Gain experience and new skills ;
  • Contribute to the life of the Francophones of our three areas.

Feel free to check this section to see all the volunteer opportunities available to you.

Interested? Contact us at : info@refletsalveo.ca