Active Offer Training 2nd edition

Leadership Training on Active Offer – 2nd Edition

The second year’s English-language training on active offer of FLS attracted 15 staff from various Health Service Providers

In collaboration with the three LHINs’, funding ($166,600) was provided by Toronto Central LHIN to support Reflet Salvéo’s Active Offer Leadership Training. Over two years, this training has supported 41 health service providers through the partnership with Nexus, Collège Boréal, and Centres d’Accueil Héritage.

This Leadership Training raised awareness on French language services and was aligned to the principles of equity and linguistically and culturally appropriate to the needs and priorities of Francophones. This training provided an opportunity to identify health service providers with both capacity and health human resources to consider future designation of their services. Over the last two years, more than 30 participants from HSPs in three LHINs have participated.

From left to right: Lisa Mudie, Dorotha Azzopardi, Dorothy Rankin, Nazira Jaffer, Amine Hadji and Tharcisse Ntakibirora.

Among the learners are executives and decision makers who have the power to profoundly influence the practices of many Healthcare providers, in particular through the hiring Francophone and bilingual staff, and the implementation of innovative strategies and policies.

The active offer training is built around 4 modules and lasts 3 days:

  • The first module introduces the French-speaking world as it applies to minorities and describes the stakes involved in this active offer.
  • The second module provides suppliers with tools to evaluate their aptness with regards to this active offer.
  • The third module focuses on cultural and language skills, namely communications and community engagement, necessary for the implementation of this active offer.
  • The last module is a roadmap for the actual implementation of this active offer within their services.

Through this training, Reflet Salvéo hopes to inform, build awareness, equip and support service suppliers so that this active offer of healthcare services in French may be realized and the health of Francophones in the GTA may be improved.

In total, 24 suppliers have signed up for the first two sessions to be held February 23, March 2 and 9 in the case of the first group of 8 participants, and on February 24, March 3 and 10 in the case of the second group of 16 participants. Reflet Salvéo has engaged the services of Maryse Francella as its project coordinator and specialized consultants.

This training is funded par the Toronto-Centre LHIN.

Coordination and content production by Reflet Salvéo in partnership with: Centres d’Accueil Héritage, Collège Boréal, Nexus Santé and RIFSSSO.


Consult our Active Offer Strategic Planning and Implementation Guide on our Active Offer Training page.