Improving the experience of providers

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Improving the experience of providers


I recently read a blog by Joshua Tepper, a family physician and President and Chief Executive Officer of Health Quality Ontario. In his text (found here, Dr. Tepper underlined that an important goal of high-quality health services involves improving the experience of our health professionals, in addition to the experience of patients themselves.


At first blush, it could come across as self-interested. A knee-jerk response without thoughtfully digesting the wisdom of his ideas might sound something like this: “Oh, how typical that a highly paid health professional is going to advocate for more attention.” This would be an unfortunate misreading of Dr. Tepper’s point and does a disservice to improving health outcomes for everyone.


After all, doesn’t it make sense that a healthy, happy and competent professional can only serve us better? Furthermore, let’s not forget that health professionals one day can be patients themselves the following day.

As I see it, this is not an either/or proposition. We don’t have to choose between creating optimal conditions for health professionals OR generating optimal health results for patients. The two go hand in hand.

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Dr. Tepper’s blog also reminded me of something I’ve said a number of times when speaking about the concept of Active Offer with respect to French-language health services (FLHS).


Ideally, when someone asks for, or is offered FLHS, it should create an opportunity for a POSITIVE interaction and a potentially higher degree of satisfaction – on both sides of the counter (or stethoscope). The need for FLHS should not embarrass or prompt any awkwardness by an employee of a health services provider. If a good system is in place (something that Reflet Salvéo can help with!), all should go smoothly. The employee should know what to do, can do it easily and feel good that they’ve helped a client/patient receive better service which will improve health outcomes. Of course, the client/patient requesting or needing FLHS is also pleased and well-served.


Active offer is therefore an example of Dr. Tepper’s suggestion that improving the experience of health professionals goes hand in hand with improved health outcomes for clients/patients.

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