Tools and resources on active offer

Tools and resources on active offer


The concept of active offer is widely used in the context of government services in French in Ontario and is increasingly discussed in the health services sector in French . As entities planning of health services in French in Ontario (Entities ) and Ontario networks French health ( Networks ) , we recognize that health services are not always available in French or actively offered French. We are convinced of the relevance of active offer in our industry , to the extent that the services are actually – and advance – available in French.


You will find the link below our support package for French services providers :

Trousse d’appui pour les fournisseurs de services en français


And below our joint position statement on active offer of French language health services in Ontario – we have developed with our partners in other plannifications entities , and Ontario health networks.


Énoncé de position commune sur l’offre active des services de santé en français en Ontario

Look up terms and expressions used in everyday interactions with clients.
Interpretation Guide for Health Care Professionals (download 21 Mb)
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