GTA francophone Organizations

Arts and culture

Association des auteures et auteurs de l’Ontario français (AAOF)

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Founded in Ottawa on October 1, 1988, the Association des auteures et auteurs de l’Ontario français (AAOF) has the following mission: to work for the development and promotion of literature in French Ontario. The AAOF brings together poets, short-story writers, playwrights, novelists, essayists, screenwriters and journalists as well as artists who write or illustrate children’s books.

Centre francophone de Toronto – Programmation culturelle & Galerie Céline

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Cinéfranco is the celebration of the riches, diversity and talent of international, national and local francophone filmmakers. It is a unique opportunity for French speakers, French language aficionados and film lovers in Toronto to share their passions.

Le Laboratoire d’art (Le Labo)

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Founded in 2004 in Toronto, Canada under the leadership of the film director Babek Aliassa, Le Labo’s mandate is to produce and promote francophone media art and interdisciplinary projects.

L’ensemble vocal Les voix du cœur

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The vocal group, Les voix du cœur, was founded in 1994 by Bernard Dionne. Led by Manon Côté for the last 15 years, with piano accompaniment provided by Gabriel Drouin, the four-part mixed choir includes almost 30 singers and focuses primarily on the interpretation of French pop music from Canada and Europe.

Médiathèque – Office national du film – Mediatheque – National Film Board

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Prologue aux arts de la scène – Prologue to the Performing Arts

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Prologue to the Performing Arts is a charitable, not for profit arts education organization dedicated to enriching the lives of young people by connecting them to high quality live performing arts.

Théâtre français de Toronto

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Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is a professional French-language theatre presenting repertoire as well as new work. While appealing to all lovers of French-language theatre, it contributes to the cultural and educational development of Toronto’s francophone community.



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The mission of La Franco-Fête de Toronto has always been to give the Francophones, Francophiles and Anglophones of the region a place to gather and celebrate the diversity of francophone culture.

Francophonie en Fête French

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Francophonie en Fête is proud to present celebrated artists at this year’s festival. Come celebrate the multicultural spirit of French Ontario with fellow Francophones and Francophiles who share a passion for French-speaking culture.

Community and social services – services and accommodation for seniors

Centres d’Accueil Héritage

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During the late 1970s, a group of Toronto residents undertook steps to obtain Health and Social Services, in French, for the elderly and physically challenged members of the Francophone community living in Toronto. In 1978, from modest beginnings, the group obtained Federal and Provincial grants permitting them to incorporate under the name “Les Centres d’ Accueil Héritage”.

Cercle des ainés noirs francophones de l’Ontario

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A not-for-profit organization with the following mission: to defend the rights and interests of Ontario’s Black Francophone seniors, to promote the needs of seniors so as to enable them to achieve their full potential in their own language, culture and unique identity. CANFO is a member of the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) and the Fédération des Aînés et Retraités Francophones de l’Ontario (FAFO).

Fédération des ainés et des retraités francophones de l’Ontario (FAFO)

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The mission of the Fédération des aînés et des retraités francophones de l’Ontario (FAFO) is to promote the quality of life of Ontario Francophones and Francophiles aged 50 and over in both their daily lives and their relations with various levels of government.

Pavillon Omer Deslauriers (Bendale Acres Long-Term Care Home)

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Bendale Acres is home to a 37 beds French language services unit. Staff are bilingual in English and French, and are able to provide care for residents in their preferred language.

Community and social services – services and accommodation for women

Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes

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Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF), established in 1988 by frontline workers who had identified the need for a provincial organization, is an umbrella group of organizations that work to overcome the oppression of women.

Femmes ontariennes et droit de famille (FODF) – Family Law Education for Women (FLEW)

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Are you having family difficulties? Dealing with issues like divorce, custody or support? Plain language legal information on women’s rights under Ontario family law is available in many languages and in audio and paper formats. You can get this information from health and community service centres, Legal Aid, agencies serving women affected by violence or by visiting this Web site.

Institut de Leadership des Femmes de l’Ontario – Institute of Leadership for Women of Ontario

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To provide education, counselling and other support services for immigrant women in need, including language instruction, employment training, job search programs and information programs on Canadian culture and life.

Fem’aide –The Francophone helpline for women dealing with violence

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Fem’aide offers French-speaking women who have experienced gender-based violence, support, information and referral to appropriate front-line services within their communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are kept strictly confidential.

Maison d’hébergement pour femmes francophones

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The mission of the Maison d’hébergement pour femmes francophones is to provide a safe environment for all Francophone women and their children who are dealing with violence in order to help them regain their independence.

Oasis centre des femmes

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Oasis’ mission is to empower Francophone women of Toronto and Halton-Peel, affected by violence in any form, to improve their situation and become independent. Its vision is that by 2021 Oasis centre des femmes will be a large multidisciplinary centre committed to ending violence in all its forms using innovative initiatives.


Assessment of credentials and qualifications

Centre d’information canadien sur les diplômes internationaux – Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

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Advice and information on assessment of international credentials, recognition of foreign qualifications and foreign credentials assessment services.

Distance education

Centre d’études indépendantes – Independent Learning Centre

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The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is mandated by the government of Ontario as the province’s designated provider of distance education and GED Testing. The ILC offers Ontario credit courses in English and French for Grades 9 to 12, as well as the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and the GED Testing Program. In addition, the ILC has ESL courses, and a variety of student services.

REFAD – Réseau d’éducation francophone à distance

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Since 1988, REFAD has been bringing together people and organizations interested in promoting and developing French-language education through distance education. The following are eligible to join: colleges, CEGEPS, universities, associations, government ministries and departments, businesses and television networks that work in or are interested in distance education.

Education for adults and children

Alliance française de Toronto

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Racines de l’empathie – Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy’s mission is to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.

Music schools

Le Petit Atelier

Summer camps

Camp Tournesol

Camp Tournesol offers French summer camps and overnight programs that enhance the French immersion and Francophone programs in Ontario.

Postsecondary education

Collège Boréal

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Collège Boréal provides a high calibre personalised education to a diverse clientele and it practices community leadership to foster the sustainable development of the Francophone community of Ontario.

Collège universitaire Glendon (Université York)

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Glendon has a strong tradition of preparing future leaders through a world-class liberal arts education. We are one of the only university campuses in Canada to specialize exclusively in the liberal arts. We are the only one to do so in more than one language.

La Cité collégiale

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La Cité collégiale, a French-language college of applied arts and technology, is one of the two Ontario colleges with the exclusive jurisdiction to deliver college-level programs and services in French.

School boards and services for educators

Association des conseils scolaires des écoles publiques de l’Ontario (ACEPO)

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The Association of School Boards of Ontario (ACÉPO) is an organization which represents all French-language public school boards in the province of Ontario.

Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO)

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L’Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens (AEFO) is a Francophone union dedicated to the defence and promotion of its members’ professional, social and economic interests.

Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques (AFOCSC)

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Founded in March 1998, the Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques acts as the spokesperson for Ontario’s French-language Catholic school boards. At the service of its members, it defends their interests and promotes French-language Catholic education to governments and Ontario communities.

Centre franco-ontarien de ressources pédagogiques (CFORP)

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Serving Ontario`s French-language Catholic and public school boards, CFORP provides services and resources to support the development, vitality and continuous improvement of Franco-Ontarian education.

Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud

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The mission of the Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud is to offer the students a quality education in a francophone Catholic environment where respect for the individual, the feeling of belonging to the Franco-Ontarian community, and the promotion of excellence and equity are visible and essential values for the students to reach their full potential.

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

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Our board and schools are focused on students and provide schooling influenced by educational values that include ethical behaviour, commitment and effort, generosity and sharing, and respect for cultural diversity.

Ordre des enseignantes et enseignants de l’Ontario – Ontario College of Teachers

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The Ontario College of Teachers was established in 1997 to allow teachers to regulate and govern their own profession in the public interest. Teachers who want to work in publicly funded schools in Ontario must be certified to teach in the province and be members of the College.

Employment services

Auberge Francophone

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L’Auberge Francophone offre aux hommes immigrants des ateliers de recherche d’emploi, de rédaction de curriculum vitae et de techniques d’entrevues, soit directement ou soit par l’intermédiaire d’experts en la matière.

Collège Boréal – Options Emploi – Emploi Ontario (Employment Services – Employment Ontario)

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Les Services d’emploi Boréal offer a variety of services, free of charge, to individuals who are looking for a job. We provide Employment Ontario services within the Ontario college system. Possibilities

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Toronto’s On-Line Employment Resource Centre. From determining your career path to signing your contract Possibilities can help make your job search a success. offers all of the information, tools and resources you need to find employment in Toronto. Explore your Possibilities !

RDÉE Ontario (Le Réseau de développement économique et d’employabilité de l’Ontario)

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RDÉE Ontario strives to be the key organization in economic development for Francophones in Ontario. We want to stand out by working closely with both Francophone communities and the government, through our commitment to cooperation and partnership, and our innovation.

Service d’emplois francophones de Toronto (Centre francophone de Toronto)

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Les Services d’emploi francophones de Toronto increase your chances of finding a job that meets your needs. Many free services are available to Francophone newcomers and to anyone else looking for a job. These services are aimed particularly at people who face multiple obstacles to employment, like lack of Canadian work experience, professional credentials and certifications that are not recognized and so on.


EcoAmbassadeurs du Monde – Ecoambassadors of the World

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LThe mission of Ecoambassadors of the World is to contribute to the protection of the environment and conservation of natural resources through the partnerships and the implementation of programs that focus on our areas of interest: the 3Rs, water and biodiversity, healthy diet and active lifestyle and the conservation of energy.

Ethnic and cultural groups

African Community Services of Peel

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African Community Services of Peel (ACS) is a not-for-profit Organization that provides settlement and integration services and programs for newcomers to Peel and the surrounding areas.

Centre culturel de ressources francophones pour les communautés ethniques

We provide education and prevention workshops and recreational activities for Francophone youth, women, children and families in Peel Region.

Cercle des ainés noirs francophones de l’Ontario

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A not-for-profit organization with the following mission: to defend the rights and interests of Ontario`s Black Francophone seniors; to promote the needs of seniors so as to enable them to achieve their full potential in their own language, culture and unique identity. CANFO is a member of the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) and the Fédération des Aînés et Retraités Francophones de l’Ontario (FAFO).

Regroupement Mauricien de Toronto Inc.

Site : clubmtoronto.
Club M is a non-profit organization that was established on 27 November 1988 for the purpose of carrying out social, recreational and other activities which are beneficial to the members and to the Mauritian community in Toronto. It also aims at enhancing the Mauritian cultural heritage and contributing to the development of a Mauritian community.

Faith groups

Paroisse du Sacré-Cœur

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1887 saw the creation of Sacré-Cœur parish, the first Roman Catholic parish to serve Toronto’s French-Canadian community.

Paroisse de la Sainte-Famille

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Ste-Famille serves Peel Region’s Francophone community. Its mission is to bring the Francophone community together within the Church. As a Church, we seek to encourage the resourcing and participation of lay people to communicate the word of God, celebrate God’s presence in the sacrament and promote family and community. Following Jesus’s example and accompanied by Him, to respond to humanitarian needs. Together with school and family, to do God’s work.

Paroisse St-Louis de France

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Francophone community (general)

Association des femmes d’affaires francophones

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AFAF is a non-profit organization that encourages Francophone business women to share experiences and resources.


Association of Francophone Communities of Ontario’s mission is the development of our community, its growth, recognition and respect. Also, it encourages the promotion of development and growth of Francophones in the in social, cultural, educational and community business fields. It represents the interests of the Franco-Ontarian community of Toronto to governments.

Cercle de l’Amitié

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The mission of the Cercle de l’Amitié is to create a meeting place for the Francophones of Peel and surrounding area where it feels good to live in French, express one`s culture and develop a feeling of belonging to the Franco-Ontarian community by offering a program of diversified activities for all ages.

Club canadien de Toronto

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The Club canadien is a forum that organizes meetings in French that give Toronto Francophones and Francophiles an opportunity to dialogue, learn and network.

Club Toastmaster Français de Mississauga

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Provides the tools that enable members to: develop and present ideas for professional presentations; foster self-confidence; hone their management skills; communicate better both at the professional and personal level; offer and accept constructive criticism; attend Toastmaster International Speech Contests.

Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne

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The Francophone and Acadian communities account for over 2.5 million Canadians who, in nine provinces and three territories, have chosen French as their language. Dedicated to the promotion of linguistic duality and the development of the capacity to live in French from one end of the country to the other, the FCFA is the national voice of these communities – active, engaged and inclusive.

Francophonie canadienne

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Francophonique, Toronto’s Urban French Connection

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Francophone directories

Annuaire francophone du Centre francophone

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Annuaire francophone de Peel

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The Francophones and Francophiles association in Ontario for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, inter-sex, Queers. Together, proud of our diversity and our community.

Le Centre communautaire 519

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The 519 Community Centre is a meeting place and focal point for the creative enhancement of a vibrant healthy downtown community. We respond creatively and passionately to the needs of the local neighbourhood and the broader LGBT communities by providing resources and opportunities to foster self-determination, civic engagement, and community enrichment through social recreation, volunteerism, arts and culture, and community participation.

Rainbow Health Ontario

Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO) is a province-wide program that works to improve the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Ontario through education, research, outreach and public policy advocacy.


Health centres and resources

Centres d’Accueil Héritage – Centre des Pionniers

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The mission of Centres d’Accueil Héritage is to enhance the quality of life for French-speaking adults experiencing loss of autonomy. Their vision is to be Ontario’s leading provider of community long-term care services and rent geared to income housing for the French-speaking community..

Centre francophone de Toronto

Site : (French only)
The Centre francophone de Toronto is the gateway for Francophones who live in Toronto or have just settled there. The Centre provides a variety of services to the entire Francophone community. – Women’s Health Matters (Women’s College Hospital)

Site :
Our virtual Health Centres are self-contained sections within our site, which offer detailed information on conditions that commonly affect women, including osteoporosis, diabetes, pelvic health, environmental health, and many others.

Resources for health professionals

Réseau francophone de soutien professionnel (CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)

Site :
Réseaufranco is a unique web resource for primary care professionals providing addiction and mental health services to Francophones across Ontario. This site offers general information on addiction and mental health issues, treatment options and programs, as well as materials for use with clients, their families and other healthcare professionals.

Regroupement des intervenantes et intervenants francophones en santé et en services sociaux de l’Ontario (Rifssso)

Site :
Rifssso is a not-for-profit umbrella organization of French-speaking professionals working in the fields of health and social services.

Support services

Action Positive : VIH/SIDA

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Action positive: VIH/SIDA (APVS) is a not-for-profit Francophone organization offering prevention, education and support services and fulfilling the psycho-social needs of people living with HIV, affected by the virus or being at risk of infection, no matter what personal background they have.


CHOQ-FM 105.1

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Just like the City of Toronto, CHOQ-FM 105.1 stands out because of its dynamism, flexibility and professionalism. On air since May 2006, CHOQ-FM is made up of a young and dedicated team that is committed to serving Toronto’s Francophones and Francophiles.

Journal Canora

Site : (French only)
A registered non-profit organization since 1997, CANORA has adopted the following mandate: to provide services to Canadians of African, Caribbean and Asian origin across Ontario and across Canada in all areas of activity that may have a positive or negative effect on their lives.

Le Métropolitain

Site : (French only)
The primary goal of this weekly serving Toronto and its suburbs is to help Francophones living in the area learn about one another through their activities and organizations. Francophones and Francophiles in the cities of Aurora, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga, Newmarket, Oshawa, Pickering, Toronto and Whitby are among the regular readers of Le Métropolitain.


Site : (French only)
One of Toronto’s French-language newspapers.

Mouvement des Intervenant.e.s en Communication Radio de l’Ontario (MICRO)

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Founded at the end of the eighties, the Mouvement des Intervenant.e.s en Communication Radio de l’Ontario (MICRO) has six members. Broadcasting from Hearst, Kapuskasing, Penetanguishene, Cornwall, Toronto and Ottawa, the French-speaking community radio stations of Ontario reach over 913,255 Francophones and Francophiles.

Société Radio-Canada

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Resources for newcomers/integration

African Community Services of Peel

Site : anglais seulement)
African Community Services of Peel (ACS) is a not-for-profit community based charitable Organization that provides settlement and integration services and programs that facilitate the early settlement of newcomers to Peel and the surrounding areas.

Toronto Accueil

Site : (French only)
Toronto Accueil serves all French people and Francophones who settle in Toronto or the surrounding area and supports them during the integration process and throughout their stay. The Association, which was created by volunteers, is a source of practical information, a special place of welcome and dialogue.

Torontois – Un Petit Coin de France à Toronto (Forum)

Site : (French only)
Tourist, expat, future immigrant or simply curious: welcome to this 100% Toronto French and Francophone community forum !


Fédération de la jeunesse franco-ontarienne (FESFO)

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The Fédération de la jeunesse franco-ontarienne (FESFO) was established in 1975 by young people who wanted to” make sure that Franco-Ontarian youth were able to participate fully in the development of their community.

Fondation Canadienne des Jeunes Entrepreneurs – Canadian Youth Business Foundation

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Are you an aspiring young entrepreneur, aged 18 to 34, with a solid business idea? Are you looking for the financial support and expert advice that will help you bring your great business idea to life? The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) can help.

La Passerelle–I.D.E.

Site : (French only)
La Passerelle-I.D.E.’s goal is to improve young Francophones’ ability to deal with all kinds of obstacles and social exclusion and support their professional and personal development in order to improve their living conditions.