What is the Linguistic Variable ?

The French Language Health Planning Entities acknowledge:

  • the need for a provincial approach to identifying Francophones for planning purposes; and
  • the urgent need for congruence in the questions, given the Francophone identification initiatives currently being developed in a number of areas of the province.

Adopted position: 

In the absence of a provincial directive, the Entities adopt and recommend the following questions, in the spirit of the IDF, to identify Francophones for planning purposes.

The questions are the following:

  1. What is your mother tongue?

A: French, English, Other 2.

  1. If your mother tongue is neither French nor English, in which of Canada’s official languages are you most comfortable?

A: French, English

The second question allows for the inclusion of newcomers whose mother tongue is not French, but who know and understand French as an official language, as proposed by the IDF.

You will find more informations about it on the link below : 

L’énoncé de position sur la variable linguistique