The designation of an organization represents the official recognition by the provincial government of the organization’s capacity to offer services in French according to the criteria defined by the Ministry of Francophone Affairs. It demonstrates a firm commitment to providing quality services in French that effectively meet the needs of Francophone clients.


Types of designation

The designation of an organization may be complete or partial. It is complete when it covers all of the organization’s services and programs and partial when it is specific to a given service or program.


How Reflet Salvéo helps organizations to be designated

Reflet Salvéo identifies and guides in their designation process the suppliers who have the potential to be designated. Our contribution can be summarized in four essential points:

  • Sharing of the official designation form and resources
  • Coaching on the completion of the form
  • Submission of the form to the LHINs for validation and submission to the Ministry of Health
  • Follow-up through the administrative channels until the file is approved by the Ministry of Francophone Affairs

Reflet Salvéo thus guided Action Positive until it was designated in January 2016.


For questions about Designation, please contact Reflet Salvéo