Population Health Approach: A Promising Direction for Franco-Ontarians and Other Communities

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Population Health Approach: A Promising Direction for Franco-Ontarians and Other Communities



This chart is from healthaffairs.org


As a Franco-Ontarian, I enthusiastically embrace the ‘new’ population health approach to health planning in Ontario, as put forward in the Patients First discussion document which is now translated into proposed legislation.


I believe this approach to be quite promising for a minority community like Francophones in Ontario.


First, a population health approach recognizes that people’s health outcomes are influenced by a number of factors, including their social links to community. In the case of Franco-Ontarians, we often have to work hard to find and remain in touch with our community, including its language and culture. There are a range of issues that arise when Francophones are unable to connect with their community or receive services in their language.


Secondly, a population health approach supports the idea that improved health outcomes for a given population require strategic investments in key areas.


It was therefore very interesting to read, in a recent blog posting on Health Affairs, that health service providers are encouraged to play a role in health – not just health care but health outcomes. Furthermore, this role might not locate the service provider in the centre (as the hub of its community) but rather as an important support (a “spoke”). This is very exciting and rich with possibilities!


I think a health service provider (such as a hospital) can and likely already frequently does play a “spoke” role for many communities, usually those that are geographically-based. I think the potential exists for a health service provider to play a key role for a linguistic and cultural community such as Franco-Ontarians if it were to develop and nurture mechanisms by which it can establish links with that community.


Reflet Salvéo is keen on sharing ways that health service providers can play that role, whether it’s through active offer or hiring bilingual human resources. Together, we can help ensure that a population health approach improves outcomes for Franco-Ontarians as well as many other communities. After all, once a model has been fine-tuned for Francophones, why not use it for others?




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