French services and Active Offer

Francophone rights and laws

(Collaborer avec les francophones, 2011, p.17)In Ontario, Francophones have the right to receive services in French by virtue of different laws at the federal and provincial levels. However, the precise nature of their rights varies depending on the field of activity and the region. The obligations of service providers vary in the same fashion. In general, only those organizations which are identified as French language service providers by the ministries that finance them or which are designated by virtue of the French Language Services Act must offer services in French

Provincial laws

TheFrench Language Services Act , (FLSA)9 guarantees the public the right to receive services in French from Ontario government ministries and organizations located in 25 designated regions. . The foreword of the FLSA also recognizes the impact of the cultural heritage of the Francophone population and hopes to preserve this heritage for future generations.

Municipalities will now be obligated to offer services in French. When services are transferred from the province to municipalities, the new regulation regarding the services provided by third parties on behalf of government ministries and agencies will be applicable.

The Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs oversees the application of the FLSA, but ministers are responsible for providing French language services in their own offices. The Act was modified in May 2007 to create the French Language Services Commission. . The French Language Services Act is part of a group of legal provisions that aim to guarantee linguistic rights to Francophones.

What is an active offer ?

1- What is an active offer

Read our GUIDE Active Offer Strategic Planning and Implementation Guide – for Health Service Providers (PDF format)

Active offer is an agency’s obligation to provide services in French…

Active offer is an agency’s obligation to provide services in French proactively to improve the client experience. This service offering:

    • respects the principle of equity
    • seeks quality services comparable to what is offered in English;
    • is linguistically and culturally appropriate to the needs and priorities of the Francophone;
    • is inherent in the quality of services provided to individuals (patients, residents, beneficiaries) and an important factor that contributes to their safety.

It is the result of a rigorous and innovative planning and delivery of French language services across the continuum of health care.

It requires accountability on many levels and requires the partners to exercise the leadership they deserve with regard to health services in French.

Specifically, it results in a set of health services available in French and offered proactively, that is to say, they are loud clear, visible and easily accessible at all times.

Here are some things of your active offer services.2

      • Reception staff who greet you in French.
      • Competent staff who understands your needs and offer you the same quality of service that is available in English ;
      • Telephone reception is in French whether it is in person or in the form of an automated answering machine ;
      • A poster at reception offers clients the choice of language ;
      • On site, posters, general information and documentation are available in French and prominently displayed

To go further, see the Statement of Common Position on active offer.

      • Press release on the joint position statement
      • Joint Position Statement

Reflet Salvéo supports service providers in their efforts to develop and improve health services in French.

We create tools to enable providers to develop their offer of services in French.
Here are a few:

      • Worbook
      • Toolkit

1-Regroupement des Entités de planification des services de santé en français de l’Ontario and Alliance des Réseaux Ontariens de santé en français. «Joint Position Statement on the Active Offer of French Language Health Services in Ontario»

2- For more information, visit : Working Together with Francophones in Ontario: Understanding the Context and Using Promising Practices, 2011. P.51 CS Network

I am looking for french language services for my clients

There are multiple tools online that allow you to find a doctor or a nurse, able to provide primary health care. We have compiled these usefull ressources :

allows you to easily find a professional or service in the field of health and social services in French in your area.
is a new website, which also exists as a mobile application, which allows you to find a doctor in your language in Ontario. However, the supply of French-speaking doctor is relatively limited time.
has a search engine that allows you to find a French-speaking doctor.
also lists all your health needs, and clearly explains the various services available.
is also a good way to find a doctor.
This young French or Belgian expatriates forum, has an impressive list of French-speaking doctors.